Anatomy of a Social Network Spear Phishing attack

Targeted Spear Phishing Attacks exploiting client-side vulnerabilities have been on the rise for years. These type of attacks ‘trick’ and end-user to either visit a malicious website or click on a malicious link (which may, or may not appear to be legitimate).

I’ve seen this happen many a time. Each time is slightly different. Because as a hacker, the possibilities are almost endless in the ways and methods you can use to pull of a successful attack. You are only limited by your creativity. (Or, THEY are I should say *ahem*)
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The dangerous evolution of the Script Kiddie

Script Kiddie: A (usually amateur) hacker who compromises files on others’ computers or launches attacks on computer systems, using widely distributed computer programs or scripts, rather than using their own unique programs or scripts –

It might be unfair to pick on Microsoft and Apple here. It’s not all their fault, but they aren’t helping situations for our beloved script kiddies.
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